The EmployU project forms a small-scale partnership of 3 entities to support capacity-building of youth workers/coaches by creating, piloting & disseminating a training methodology, using the sport to strengthen the key competences and employability of marginalised young people in Bulgaria, Germany, Spain and across Europe. By applying the sports' values of equality, respect and empowerment in the youth work, the partners will create a bottom-up structure putting the young learners at its heart.

The main output will be an online Training Toolbox for youth workers, offering training sessions to meet the needs of vulnerable young people, enhancing their basic skills and boosting their employability. Joint Staff Training will gather trainers from BG, DE and ES for capacity-building on the ETS approach, and a total of 90 young people will be involved in workshops to test the developed methodology. TMs, focus groups & youth forums form part of the management, dissemination & follow-up activities.

As long-term benefits are expected the up-skilling and improved employability of marginalised young people in the 3 partners' regions and other EU countries, thanks to the transferability of the developed outputs; equipping youth workers with new tools, using ETS approach; supporting the social inclusion of vulnerable groups, providing quality tailored training with equal access to all; networking at European level for development of key competences and soft skills of the EU vulnerable youth.