Act Stronger

Climate Change and Environmental Report/EDS


Thessaloniki, Greece, 13-15.12.2022

Citizen`s Forum and study visits

Covid-19 Debate

COVID-19 crisis effects on the democratic debate Report/EDS (Citizen´s Forum and world café session)


Sassari, Italy, 23-25.02.2023

Migration & security report


Nicosia, Cyprus, 20-22.04.2023

Round Table and study visits

Flash mob

Innovative democratic approaches and tools, e- democracy Report/EDS (Citizen´s Forum and flash mob)


Angouleme, France, 28-30.06.2023

Seminar & press conference


Vilnius, Lithuania, 21-23.09.2023

Disinformation and media literacy Report/EDS (Citizen´s Seminar and press conference)

Citizen's Parliament

European Parliament Elections 2024 Report/EDS


Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria 25-28.10.2023

Debate & multicultural festival


Madrid, Spain, 29.02-02.03.2024

Equality and diversity Report/EDS

Summit & street games

Young and older people participation in the democratic life Report/EDS (Citizen´s Summit and street games)


Suhl & Berlin, Germany, 16-18.05.2024

Online event



Citizen engagement in society and with the EU Report/EDS